Liposomes are nano-sized artificial capsules with excellent biocompatibility consisting of phospholipid, which is a component of the cell membrane. Liposomes can encapsulate various water-soluble compounds in the capsule lumen and lipid-soluble compounds in the lipid bilayer membrane, so that the encapsulated substance can reach the target tissue of interest.

In addition, liposomes can not only encapsulate substances in lumens and lipid bilayer membranes, but also conjugate substances with large molecular weight and antigens etc., on the surface. Liposomes having such unique characteristics are expected to be utilized for various products related to healthcare such as medicine, health foods or cosmetics etc.

BioMedCore started operations from the development of "adjuvant for antigen specific cellular immune vaccine" by the mannose-coated liposome technology of Tokai University, and we discovered a method to sterilize large-diameter liposomes in its research process, which has been patented as high quality sterile liposome In-line continuous production method (LibMec method).

Liposomes have great potential in the healthcare field. But on the other hand, it is difficult to cope with sterilization of large-diameter liposomes in its practical use. "Liposome manufacturing technology corresponding to commercial production" became a huge hurdle for practical use because it requires a large amount of initial capital investment, batch validation is cumbersome in the conventional manufacturing method and for other reasons.
By developing the LibMec method, we have solved these problems related to the production of liposomes.

Characteristics of LibMec manufacturing and its merits in the production system
Production method Uniformly-sized high quality liposomes produced statically can only be obtained by low pressure filtration without extrusion.
→ Simple manufacturing process.
Manufacturing equipment Relatively simple → Reduce the possibility of failure
Process It is simple, easy to control as the running parameters you need to set at the production are the liquid temperature and the flow rate only, and it has excellent reproducibility.
→ Batch to batch validation is easy
Closed systemization Easy (filter sterilization), indispensable for production of large-diameter sterile liposomes in particular.
Mass productivity Easy to handle flexible production volume and to scale up by In-line continuous production and numbering up.
High quality sterile liposome In-line continuous production method