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Our business

We are currently developing business related to liposome formulation technology based on many years of research to achieve the properties, functions and quality requirement; manufacturing technology to produce it as a product; consigned manufacturing service in the pharmaceutical field using a specially developed hardware as a platform; functional liposome drug discovery development business; and manufacturing and sales of medical liposome supplement of health food.

Liposome contracted production service

We accept requests to liposomalize compounds of academia and pharmaceutical companies using our liposome manufacturing technology (LibMec method).

Currently, we are working with a pharmaceutical consigned manufacturing company to build a system for supporting manufacturing of investigational new drug so that we can provide more seamless service. Please contact us for further information.

Liposomal drug development projects

Currently, we are promoting the development of a number of liposome DDS medicines.

In particular, we are working on solving unmet medical needs including the development of a method for treating non-invasive retinal diseases by eye drops and the development of sugar chain-coated liposome drug development etc.

Manufacture and sales of medical supplements

Based on the liposome formulation technology in our pharmaceutical business, we aim to create value-added products by formulating functional liposome with food ingredients. We manufacture liposomal supplement in our class 1,000 clean room facility, perform filling, packing process in our partner's facility to supply the finished product.

We also carry out from product development to commercial production of new liposome supplements as OEM products in accordance with clients' requests.